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    Technology Department

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    Production Department

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    Quality Assurance Department

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    Quality Assurance Department

  • Technology Department is responsible for the company's new product design, development and production of technical service and customer communication .the company has strong technical force, which is capable of producing rubber formulation and one-stop service from product design, mold design mold according to customers' demand.There are dozens of R & D personnel, equipped with home and abroad for many years, experienced product design and mold design staff. Plant has opened successful independent research without flash parting line o-rings, no bonding no seams 1-5 meters O-ring, ED seal, washing machine cloth seals, cylinder seals cloth, and for the development of nine positive Soymilk Soymilk rotary shaft seal, HI-P developed special silicone coffee machine hoses, Hao news developing solar energy the terminal box seals and many other success stories.
    Production Department is responsible for the production of customer demand for all kinds of rubber parts. Our department own staff of 120 people. Rubber engineering and technical staff of 15 people. 15 group of Cold runner injection molding machine, vacuum hydraulic press 500T-250T,6 ordinary hydraulic 200t machine and other 40 rubber equipment. Advanced equipment can meet customer's needs. PAPP production processes by implementing stable quality. Our products aim to meet customers' demand, specifically produces automobile rubber seals household appliances rubber seals, non-standard miscellaneous pieces of rubber rubber shim member. various special-shaped seal. seal cloth, cloth cylinder seals.
    Quality Assurance Department is the master of various departments of the company 's management system, dominating quality management system's implementation and maintenance, and it is responsible for the training of the quality management system and related knowledge and internal company ; It is responsible for the coordination of quality problems and the inspection of all products ;It is responsible for internal and external customer complaints' handling and corrective actions' verification; It is also responsible for managing all testing equipment and so on. Departments are equipped with professional inspection, testing more than 20 people, and is equipped with related equipment specialized laboratories and physical tests, such as: video, universal testing machine, aging me, curing device, Shore hardness, analytical balance, electronic hydrometer, etc. It may be the performance of the product according to the American national standards ASTM2000 standards and testing requirements; in product quality control, from raw materials to the shipment process has a complete set of control processes to meet customer requirements. QA department since its inception, according to the company's development plan, it has passed the ISO / TS16949 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSMS18001 occupational health and safety management system.
    Business Department ,as the company's direct external window, has successfully served for domestic and foreign customers with quality products and services, to enable the gradual promotion of rubber products from main production easiest --O-ring sealing products to automotive, electronics, food, medical and a wide variety of industries ,such as precision rubber products.
    Corporate customers throughout the Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia, and it has established a good business relationship with many domestic trading companies.Where foreign customers Operations Section mainly from Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Britain, Sweden and so on.
    Foreign Operations Section is responsible for developing new overseas markets and maintain existing good foreign customers. Pre-sale to customers to provide the most timely and most favorable offer and give the customer the best advice to make product design optimization; sales in the shortest delivery period, to provide customers with the highest quality products; aftermarket first time for customers solve problems using the product assembly.
    Companies based on the "customer first" and "attitude is everything" philosophy, sincerely welcome overseas customers For more information, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.
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